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  • One-Stop Service
  • Rapid Prototype
  • Plastic Injection Mold
  • Rapid Tooling
  • Injection Molding & Small
    Volume Injection
  • Our factory is equipped with latest machinery & equipment imported from Japan and Taiwan. We have in-house design engineers, prototype makers, QA engineers, CNC engineering and mold making as well.
  • Reliability safety standard.

  • Appearance required.

  • Function realization.

  • Cost depended.

  • Preliminary drawing.
  • Prototype
  • Provide dummy, working sample, tooling sample or combined samples as required.

  • All the preliminary drawing will be manufactured to different types of
  • prototype with designs result.
    Injection Mold
  • Provide 2D or 3D technical drawing (Depend on requirement).

  • Engraving, Casting, CNC.

  • Modification after test shot.

  • Evaluation and Inspection of off-tool samples with report.
    ( To ensure the tool is fully tested and ready for production upon delivery )
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